What I'm up to...

Aside from about 5'6" that is... I'm a Criminal Justice Major with a Cybersecurity Minor who's worked in software for over 15 years. I jumped into the world of security after being on the fringes of it about three years ago, but overall I am fascinated with security, infrastructure, and optimizing the customer experience.

Cruising Right Along

So I've got a website contact form rocking, and I've gotten disqus, my commenting tool of choice installed and in place and the comment module disabled. Woo! I also created a separate page for logging in to the website and limited the login to only that page, and cleaned up my pages with custom paths.

Now I'm playing with getting a calendar installed so I can set public goals for myself for Drupal and other technical development. I got all the modules and dependent modules installed..added my first event and EEEERRRROOOORRRR!!

State of the Site So Far

Drupal Who?

So at this point, I've got a theme (Writer, a blog template for developers) and I've moved over most of my content from my original sixty-hours site. Shockingly easy, and so far I'm enjoying the fact that Drupal isn't overly helpful, unless I specifically set it up to be, especially in reference to hyperlinks and text formatting. Now I'm moving on to looking at modules to ensure I can do the things I want to do here, which will mostly involve talking about my experiences with Drupal and going into the future, my other technical adventures.