I'm a technical people person who loves sharing what she knows. Ideally I'd do best in a position working with internal or external customers where I learn, innovate, collaborate, and teach technical products, concepts, and best practices.

I've also built customer technical service departments from the ground up, and can do so on a Contract or Full Time basis. My past experience is in several different hardware and software markets, and I'm open to exploring new areas as well.

I've done work with lots of buzzwords, Cloud Automation, SaaS, Big Data Storage, A/B testing, and Security being the most recent, though you can see them all on my LinkedIn Page.

I love to write. I post articles on my LinkedIn profile and this site. I've also previously written technical fitness device reviews for online fitness magazines, and pieces for the website of my gym, GiryaScope Kettlebell, the most notable being a piece I wrote after the Marathon Bombings about my experiences (note: This is now an internet archived page). I also post on Medium.com on occasion about security matters like Pokemon. Nope, not kidding.

To contact me, please use my form!